Why Indians are bad when it comes to paying tax

In India more than 50 % of the population independent of agriculture. Agriculture is a source of income for half a population it is exempted from tax.

let’s talk about the rest population. In that some of the population depending of business with some tricks or other kind of talent they always hide their money be visible to others.

Finally, most of the population is living as daily wagers or monthly wagers.

Apart from income tax, there are still many direct and indirect are there through which we have to go through daily, like sales tax, service tax, wealth tax, VAT, municipal tax, Professional tax, Agri cess, education cess, tolls and many more.

we are paying everything promptly than in return.

  1. Even after paying taxes all the taxes, we blessed with lack of electric power and proper drinking water so purchased UPS and water purifier from that leftover money and for all these we don’t have tax exemptions. nowadays every individual house adopting these technologies to cope up with the government blessed facilities to us. when are we creating our own pleasure then why to pay tax?
  2. Health has become a major concern here. we are working in such a place where most of the people getting about 4 -5 digit salary. Finally, after our life long struggle, we save some decent money 6 digits, but this money is finally going to hospitals in one or the other way. people working to get good treatment in their old age and finally spend life in AC hospitals. No one has guts to get treatment in Govt. hospitals because we know the conditions of our Govt. facility towards taxpayers. Give us tax exemption when you can’t provide health care.
types of taxes in india
types of taxes in india

3. Education once again has become big business. Our saved money will be going to dump in this industry. In this competitive world, our Govt. schools and colleges will stand? nooo…. Please provide us proper education facility with filling up teachers, professors, administers. All the schools, colleges and universities have a huge shortage of resources.

4. Transportation. lack of good transportation facilities and road conditions we are moving towards our personal vehicles. I can afford a decent vehicle but because of these harsh road conditions. I am going for higher-end vehicles under pressure even after paying road tax for good roads. Now the plan is why the hell I paid my road tax. When I can’t even ride my decent vehicle here.

What we doing in return

I think because of all these reasons we Indian’s don’t have money to pay for all those taxes. Where businessmen escape from taxes with their talent. They are enjoying their black money to some other use and employees try to escape from tax slabs.

Unless and until everyone provided with decent improvement in the environment it won’t work out.

To resolve all these issues we have to pay the taxes and we all should be aware of that. Our corrupt system is lacking behind to provide such facilities so we have to reach to the center from both ends to get a worth place to live.

Final words “For a better future, we need to pay taxes so please pay your taxes regularly and its a duty”

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