How Shiv Sena Formed Govt. in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra politics is once again becoming an example for the voters to know their ruler’s drama and a scripted meaning of their speeches.

Making drama for the sake of money, greed, horse-trading, resignation and misuse of power. Here once again we can witness the worst political side of India.

Every Indian kept an eye on this hot topic maybe because it’s most entertaining than any reality like Big Boss.

So lets fast forward.

BJP and Shiv Sena alliance entered for the Maharashtra election and campaigned their ideology, motto and developmental figures to voters.

October 21 :

The voting process was initiated and voters played their valuable card. October 24: They didn’t give a clear majority to any of the parties.

Here Shiv Sena tried to use cards to check their luck and demanded equal term for both the parties.(because BJP’s winning percentage decreased compared to the previous election).

BJP being a big fat party at present refused its proposal and also dictated to behave like a previous alliance.

Shiv Sena started waiting for the welcome offers from every other party with the same demands.

November 9:

Governor BS Koshyari directed BJP to form the government and gives 48 hours to prove its majority.

November 10 :

BJP expressed its inability to prove the majority.

Shiv Sena party was asked to prove majority.

November 11 :

Shiv Sena requested three days to prove its majority. Governor declined its request and called for 3rd major party of the state NCP.

November 12: Shiv Sena challenged Governor’s decision in SC.

November 12: Governor proceeds to impose President rule for the state. After so much speculation and drama, all parties went to SC to challenge the Governor’s rule in the state.

November 22: Shiv Sena, NCP, and INC discussed and named Udbhav Thackeray as CM in their post-poll alliance and named it “ Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi”

November 23: The Prank for Maharashtra happened today. Early morning around at 6 am president rule was removed. Fadnavis swore for the Chief Minister and surprisingly Ajit Pawar as Deputy Chief Minister.

Post alliance parties again went to SC challenging governor’s decision but SC registered to hear on Sunday.

November 25 :

SC says that it will comment on its order at 10.30 am Tuesday.

November 26: SC dictates governor to conduct floor test on or before November 27th, 5 pm and entire proceedings have to be live telecast.

later Fadnavis resigned as Maharashtra Chief Minister, a day before floor test ordered by the Supreme Court.

His announcement followed that of Ajit Pawar, who quit as his deputy. “Ajit Pawar gave me his resignation. BJP had decided from the first day we will not indulge in horse-trading. We only decided to form the government because NCP was with us. Since he has resigned, I will also resign,” Mr. Fadnavis told reporters.

November 27 :

Without electing there Chief Minister MLA’s took their oath.
Fednavis had made many records.
1. 80 hour CM record of Maharashtra
2. Fednavis became a member to resign for CM POST two times in the same month.
    Udbhav Thakrey to be 18th Chief Minister for Maharashtra and 3rd S Sena member.     There is always hope exists in a democratic country like India. Whether we have to cheer them for their political entertainment, laugh at them for their extraordinary tactics, get angry for using their powers for selfish politics or sit and give TRP for the media.

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