Can we recover from “extreme poverty”?

Extreme poverty, most of the urbanized generation has not even got a clue about it. It is there and crossing hurdles to see beautiful blessed nature.

All countries facing this Poverty problem. whereas in developing countries it is a major issue that needs to address.

India happy to loose this position
India happy to lose this position

Extreme Poverty in India’s context

1.Food nutrition

The supply of good and quality food to poor people is the biggest task. Malnutrition is producing an inefficient generation that ultimately will dump to the same vicious circle.

2. Education

Education is a leading factor. Educating about there professional skills itself will give a good return. Most importantly educating girls about the household business will click the power booster.

3. Sanitation

Health is a major factor. It can be achieved with safe water and the environment. Technology has grown up now water purification is easily affordable for community centers. Learning about consequences for unhygienic will make improvements in mental change over.

4. Economic thoughts.

Every skill has its own value in the universe. Making them realize their skills and helping them to act on it. Managing individual’s homes will improve the whole community. These Communities will improve their village so on.

5. Government support.

It is like hand in hand process. To get a better world our Government involvement is a must. We need investment in Socio-economic and Psychological development.

6. Agriculture.

More than half a population of the country engaged in this sector. Most of these farmers have small landholdings making it a worse situation to carry out this as a business. The government should plan for cooperative farming by encouraging incentives to groups. This may yield positive hopes.

India's poverty profile
India’s poverty profile

Continuous and consistent efforts make win any situation.

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