How many corrupt people lives in India?

I am corrupt, because i won’t follow the set of rules.

The Socio-economical and cultural practices in India have been worsen in some aspects. Being a developing country everybody facing corruption as one kind of disease.

let me explain how we are being currupt?

I stopped asking bills, as i am getting offers instead of bills in general stores, medical shops etc.

I give bribe, because our government wont work as fast as to cope up with reality.

There are easy ways to escape from Traffic police than giving fine. Just Rs. 100 works fine for any rules.

I try to escape from tax slabs so as to save money for my basic needs, which my Govt. not providing me like proper electricity ( purchased UPS) , clean water (Replaced with water purifier), proper road ( going for better transportation).

My point here is,we are just following the trend and our surroundings also working like we do.

Our system forcing us to be corrupt and we need need change towards it.  When we are not following set of rules and escape from it. we are corrupt to our system. We all have to come forward and need much more awareness towards it. Then only we can loudly say that it is corruption.

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