Can “Swachh Bharath” boost our GDP?

“Swachh Bharath” has indirect effect on our GDP.

It can treat as one of the pro concept to lead ourselves towards national unity and development. The major benefits we can encounter through this program were

1. Health        

Citizen’s health is the key factor for the nation’s action towards the improvement of GDP. The clean and hygienic environment will improve the country people health standard. The healthy labor will work and contribute more efficiently with less/few unproductive breaks.

Which in turn increases the domestic output of the country, in other words, it increases the GDP. Our present Pharmaceutical industries were mainly dependent on import policy so even we can shift our dependence from such medicines.

The savings made from health expenses will increase the demand for other goods. Finally, this aggregate demand will boost our production. Thus, it will add indirect benefits to increase GDP.

2. Employment

Unemployment is a major drawback for every country but in the case of India, it is even worse. There are so many research activities that were conducted to know the effective ways of garbage collection and disposal. It has increased more number of employment opportunity in public and private sectors.

Once again we can think of more the employment more will be the spending and more will be the aggregate demand. Which in turn boost our domestic industries to produce more and contribute more towards our GDP.

3. Agriculture

As we discussed above, the effective methods of garbage management methods will help the agriculture sector in the form of supplying organic manure.

The effect of organic manure use in agriculture has many benefits like reduced use of chemical fertilizer, improvement in soil health, reduced cost of cultivation and improved output.

As 50 percent of the population engaged in the agriculture sector, it helps them to improve their economic standards and contribute more towards our GDP.

4. Land

The land is one of the scarce resources. In urban areas, many productive lands were converted as dump yards, by cleaning such lands and using them for a better productive purpose we can think of better and improved surroundings. Most such lands can be a hub for many industrial development activities.                

 From the above discussed these few ways, we can think of the “Swachh Bharath” program benefits towards increased GDP of the country.

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